Salewa Vultur EVO Side View
Salewa Vultur EVO Outsole - Vibram WTC
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Salewa Vultur EVO (2019)

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Salewa's constant drive to improve products has gifted us an awesome rewrite of their Un Vultur - The Vultur Evo.  

They made some major tweaks that dramitically improved the performance as well as the fit and finish of the boot.  With a simplified upper, using more beefy components, the boot promises longer life and more durability - for three key reasons:

  • The Leather upper saw an upgrade to 2.8mm Perwanger.
  • TPU Toe Cap addition make the rand and toe of the boot far more abrasion resistant
  • Shank has the addition of Carbon to the Nylon/Fiberglass version used previously to increase stiffness and performance.

With GORE-TEX® Performance Comfort for the membrane the boot offers optimal heat retention in addition to reliable waterproof breathable performance.

The redesigned upper offers a slimmer fit at the back of the leg and above the ankle, that is proving more supportive and better fitting in an area where most boots are apt to bag out, all without inhibiting lower leg movement.

The Bilight midsole provides solid shock absorption without offering the overly-firm underfoot feel common in boots in this space.  

With their Multifit footbed, the internal volume of the boot can easily be altered to meet the needs of your specific feet or alter the sock volume you are using without sacrificing comfort or performance.